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Looking back on a successful 2022

After a year of work and dedication, we are happy to tell you about all that we have accomplished.

At Rochalia, we are committed to providing high-quality homes and community experiences. Since 2013, we have worked hard to create functional and beautiful spaces that help our residents live their best lives. Despite facing challenges, we have remained resilient and professional, always striving to improve and provide the best possible service to our community. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Here are some of our achievements from the past year:

Launched a new website: Our new website is modern and easy to use, designed to improve the customer experience and make it easier for clients to learn about our community and homes. We look forward to staying connected with you and hope you enjoy using the new website.

Conducted a lifestyle photoshoot: We showcased the unique features and amenities of Rochalia through this photoshoot, giving potential residents a better understanding of what it's like to live in our community.

Filmed testimonial video: We were pleased to hear from satisfied residents who shared their positive experiences living at Rochalia. This video shows the high-quality lifestyle we offer. Check out our video.

Sold out of the high-quality and worth-the-investment Wind Series homes: The Wind Series homes are a cut above the rest, boasting superior features and amenities that elevate them to the next level of modern luxury. We were delighted to see these homes, which offer exceptional value and quality, all get snapped up.

Only 6 units left: This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in moving to Rochalia. We offer spacious, customizable homes with a range of features and amenities. Check out our Garden Series, Modern Series.

Looking ahead to the new year...

We are committed to bringing a sustainable lifestyle to our community and elevating the quality of life for all of our residents. With a focus on sustainability and well-being, we hope to create an even more positive and hopeful atmosphere for all of us at Rochalia. We are grateful for our residents and the support they have shown us over the years, and we look forward to continuing to provide the best possible living experience for our community. Thank you for your support and we look forward to staying connected with you in the coming year. Best Regards, Rochalia


At Rochalia, we want to inspire the community to live a fulfilling life in an ever-changing world, and we are glad to help you stay connected to the world wherever you are.

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