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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Rochalia FAQ! Here, we have answers to your most common questions about our exceptional residential community. Let's dive in and discover what sets Rochalia apart.

A Little Story About Rochalia

Established in 2013, Rochalia made its mark with the introduction of Sky Villas, a three-story house with a rooftop terrace that brought modern design to Chiang Mai. Residents could unwind and enjoy the verdant scenery of Hang Dong from the rooftop whenever they wanted. Sky Villas was one of the pioneering projects of its kind in the Hang Dong area, featuring modern design. We are now presenting Phase 2: Resort Villas, which feature spacious single-story houses.

What Makes Rochalia Resort Villas Stand Out?

Rochalia Resort Villas offer a high-quality living experience suitable for individuals of all ages. These single-storey villas provide spacious living areas ranging from 200 to 340 square meters, which are complemented by meticulously maintained gardens. We understand the importance of accessibility and comfort, and Resort Villas provide an excellent option for families seeking multi-generational living arrangements. Every Resort Villas house is built with double-brick wall technology, which helps to minimize heat during the summer and save energy all year round.

The Difference Between Type: Garden and Type: Modern?

The Garden series is thoughtfully designed with a U-shaped layout, elavating seamless interaction among family members. This spacious design fosters a sense of togetherness while maintaining privacy. On the other hand, the Modern Series feature an L-shaped layout with a spacious common hall, offering a contemporary living experience reminiscent of condominiums. It provides flexibility and adaptability for various occasions.

What are some of the facilities offered at Rochalia?

Rochalia boasts an impressive array of facilities that are sure to delight its residents. We are providing a pet-friendly environment with ample shade from verdant trees and a dedicated playground for children. The clubhouse is a hub of activity, equipped with international-standard fitness equipment, game tables, and the versatility to host various events and activities. Additionally, we offer two spacious swimming pools, catering to the needs of both kids and adults, ensuring a safe and enjoyable aquatic experience for everyone.

How does Rochalia ensure the safety and security of its residents?

At Rochalia, the safety and security of our residents are of utmost importance. We have implemented round-the-clock CCTV surveillance throughout the community, ensuring constant monitoring and peace of mind. Additionally, we have a dedicated team of security guards who are trained to maintain a secure living environment for all residents.

Do you think Rochalia is too far from the city?

Situated in the developing city of Hang Dong, Rochalia offers a location that strikes the perfect balance. While it may be slightly off the beaten track, there are numerous advantages. We are in close proximity to reputable international schools, such as Lanna International School, which is just a 10-minute drive away. Golf enthusiasts will be delighted to know that a golf course is just a 5-minute drive from Rochalia. In addition, shopping malls and grocery stores are conveniently located within a 5-minute drive. Local markets and hospitals can be reached within a 10- to 15-minute drive. And if you love traveling in and out of the city, Chiang Mai International Airport is just a 15-minute drive away, and Chiang Mai downtown is just beyond the airport. Despite our private and tranquil setting, residents can enjoy the charm of our location without having to commute far. It's the ideal place to unwind, take a leisurely stroll, and exercise amidst all the amenities and comforts within the community.

What makes the Rochalia community special?

At Rochalia, our community stands out for its diverse and multicultural residents who value privacy and harmonious coexistence. We promote a thriving collective living experience, where every individual contributes to the positive atmosphere. We prioritize cleanliness and adherence to common rules regarding pets and pests. This shared commitment fosters a safe, positive, and enjoyable community to call home.

What does Rochalia mean by quality living? Quality living, as defined by Rochalia, encompasses a hassle-free daily experience that brings joy and contentment, regardless of age. Our homes are designed to provide happiness and comfort, even as residents grow older. The surrounding environment is crafted to deliver tranquility and relaxation. We prioritize safety and security as top priorities. Furthermore, we offer comprehensive facilities that cater to various lifestyles, whether one seeks a healthy lifestyle or is a pet lover. We firmly believe that quality living extends beyond the individual to their family members and the entire community. Watch our testimonials video here


We hope this FAQ has given you valuable insights into Rochalia. From our trendsetting Sky Villas to the innovative Resort Villas, we're all about modern design and comfortable living. With meticulous layouts, spacious gardens, state-of-the-art facilities, and a strong sense of community, Rochalia offers a lifestyle that brings joy and belonging. Experience quality living with us—a life filled with comfort, happiness, and a thriving community. Join us at Rochalia and embrace a new standard of quality living. 🏡✨


At Rochalia, we want to inspire the community to live a fulfilling life in an ever-changing world, and we are glad to help you stay connected to the world wherever you are.

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