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Rochalia 2023: A Comprehensive Recap

New House Type, Extensive space, and plenty of new visuals to explore from various perspectives.

At Rochalia, we've dedicated ourselves to creating functional and visually appealing spaces, aiming to enhance the lives of our residents. Our goal is to capture the attention of individuals seeking a high quality of life and a home where everyone can flourish, regardless of age. This year, our focus is on flexibility, underscoring that our project is genuinely delivering high-quality and authentic living experiences. Here are some of our achievements from 2023: 1. Launched new house type: Garden Series Plus: Our meticulously designed Garden Series has a new addition - the Garden Series Plus. This spacious house features 4 bedrooms, a wider land area, and is available both fully furnished and unfurnished. One of them is already sold!

2. New visuals for our project: Explore our project like never before with drone angles showcasing the entire landscape, from the expansive garden to the overall house design.

3. Featured video in Asset Story's Youtube Channel:The videos showcasing our house features and details, featured on the YouTube channel Asset Story, is a source of immense gratitude for us. We appreciate the recognition and the opportunity to have our property highlighted in their review.

Video link

4. New Lifestyle Photos: We've created new visuals to showcase the uniqueness of our fully furnished four-bedroom house, along with other house types, each presented from different perspectives.

5. Discover Rochalia: Blog Highlights for a Quality Lifestyle

Numerous blog posts highlight why Rochalia is an ideal choice for a high-quality life. Explore our strengths and visualise life in the Rochalia Community through dedicated blogs, including one focused on our international school. or even more , click here.

6. More choice, More flexible While our focus may seem on selling fully furnished houses, we also provide unfurnished options for you to customize. In the coming year, we plan to introduce a new, fully furnished 4-bedroom house for you to visit. Stay tuned!

Looking Forward... Despite having only 5 units left, our commitment to the Rochalia community remains unwavering. We are dedicatedly working to ensure that our homes are customized to meet your needs, fostering empowerment for both families and individuals within their living spaces. In an ever-digitalizing world, we endeavor to make our communication inspiring, urging potential residents to join our community. With the flexibility and customisation options we provide, we trust that you will eagerly anticipate new additions and our forthcoming projects. Thank you for your support and we look forward to staying connected with you in the coming year. Best Regards, Rochalia


At Rochalia, we want to inspire the community to live a fulfilling life in an ever-changing world, and we are glad to help you stay connected to the world wherever you are.

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