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Start Your New Life on Day One at Rochalia's Fully Furnished Modern Series

Rochalia's Modern Series house offers a unique living experience that combines convenience, comfort, and style - a house that makes your life easier.

Our Modern Series house is reminiscent of living in a condominium, which is ideal for people who value shared spaces and community. The common hall includes a spacious kitchen, dining area, and living room altogether, and features large glass panels that run parallel to the outdoor swimming pool.

This design allows for plenty of natural light and a seamless transition from indoor to outdoor living spaces.

The large common hall that includes the dining, kitchen, and living room together is more than just a practical design choice - it is a social hub that enhances the sense of community among residents. It provides a perfect space for entertaining guests, hosting dinner parties, or simply spending quality time with family and friends. This design maximizes the use of space and creates an open and welcoming environment that makes it easy to connect with others.

Each room in the house is thoughtfully designed with your comfort and convenience in mind. The built-in furniture, air conditioning, and energy-saving features are just a few of the ways in which Rochalia's Modern Series house makes your life easier. You can start your new life from day one without the need to hire an interior designer or worry about energy consumption. This is a fully furnished home that offers a turn-key solution for those looking to simplify their lives and enjoy all the benefits of modern living.

Rochalia's Modern Series house is not only suitable as a permanent residence, but also as a vacation home. You can simply pack your bags and move in, as everything you need is already there.

In addition, only one unit is left - price 12.1 Million THB*, so don't miss your chance to experience a modern and convenient lifestyle at Rochalia's Modern Series house. *Terms and Conditions Apply

Or Talk to our sales team: 0906727773


At Rochalia, we want to inspire the community to live a fulfilling life in an ever-changing world, and we are glad to help you stay connected to the world wherever you are.

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