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Unfurnished Houses are available to own and customize

Rochalia Resort Villas: Blank canvas catering to everyone look for creative freedom.

At Rochalia, we offer several types of units catering to individuals with fast-paced lifestyles who want to quickly start a new life. Our high-quality, fully furnished options are ideal for those seeking convenience. However, today we will focus on the three unfurnished, one-story houses that provide you with the creative freedom to make your new home your own. Here's what comes with the unfurnished house: 1. A choice of a swimming pool or a tended garden lies at the heart of the home.

2. Pre-installed Tostem's glass panels seamlessly connect your home, providing a quiet sliding experience and high durability.

3. Choice of a 3 or 4-bedroom house with a spacious living area starting from 220 sqm, as well as a bathtub and bathroom necessities.

Apart from the features that we offer, we also have some points for you to consider. Our unfurnished units are suitable for people who: 1. Want to personalize the space to reflect their lifestyle. Sometimes, you may want to have your study room or activity room, allowing you to explore and adjust it to match your preferences. 2. Need to adapt their living space to cater to a multi-age group. It might not be your first home, but you need more expansive space and a one-story layout to accommodate elderly family members or even infants who might find stairs challenging. 3. Wish to manage their budget more effectively. You might need to invest in specific items that are more important to you, such as a large bookshelf, a game table, or a sunbathing couch. 4. Plan to accommodate a growing family with flexible spaces. As time goes by, you may expect new family members, so having more space for future expansion or the ability to easily convert or repurpose rooms can be essential. If you're looking for a home that you can truly customize to meet your needs and lifestyle, then our unfurnished units are the perfect choice for you. With our flexible layouts and spacious living areas, you can create a home that is perfect for you and your family, no matter what stage of life you're in. Contact us to schedule a showroom visit 0906727773


At Rochalia, we want to inspire the community to live a fulfilling life in an ever-changing world, and we are glad to help you stay connected to the world wherever you are.

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